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Our Mission

At Counseling Centers of Utah we believe that within each of us is a "Self" that is far more powerful than any of us can imagine. It is our mission to assist those we work with in discovering their "Self", to deepen and understand their own potential, and help them become empowered to realize their capacity for healing, peace, and happiness.

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Our passion is to act as the sculptor described by Michelangelo when he stated:

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set it free.”

Some of our services

Family Life Education

We provide clients with information and skills in a variety of topics, including, parenting, communication, marriage, and self-esteem.

Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling

We're well grounded in Cognitive Behavior and Family Systems Therapies. Treatment plans are developed with the individual needs in mind.

Marriage Enrichment

Counseling Centers of Utah uses the PREP approach, which focuses on techniques in problems solving and resolving conflict, communication, enjoying the relationship, and staying the course in the relationship.

Sex Addiction Counseling

is done by certified sex addiction counselors using a 12-step approach, developing by Patrick Carnes, that focuses on overcoming sex addictions and provide healing.

Self-esteem Enhansement

A program that emphasizes self-worth and increasing the sense of individual worth by focusing on respect for the dignity and worth of all people.

Pornography Addiction Counseling

Uses much the same approach as sex addiction counseling, modified to focus more specifically on those issues faced by those addicted to pornography.

Communication Skills Development

provides clients with experiential learning in communication.

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